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In a $300B market, Modelis’ unique approach to drug discovery removes the cumbersome process, long timelines, and cost barriers associated with current drug-development practices.

We are building an in vivo-leveraged, AI-driven data platform that uncovers the mechanisms of action for rare, genetic disorders, leading to the development of better therapies, faster. 


  1. Approximately 90% of drugs fail during clinical development, largely due to a lack of understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the disease. Modelis is contributing to more efficient clinical development by identifying the mechanisms most relevant to a disease’s pathology. 
  2. Seven thousand rare diseases affect more than 700 million people globally, and only five percent have an approved cure or therapy.  Modelis is opening possibilities for the remaining 95 percent by enabling rapid identification of the diseases’ mechanisms of action and underlying pathologies. 
  3. Rare disease drugs are a growing market opportunity and will make up more than 20 percent of total drug sales within the next few years.
  4. The traditional path to commercialize new therapies can take seven to 10 years and cost up to $2.5B. Modelis’ expedited approach from drug discovery to human trials takes two to three years, at a fraction of the cost. 


We do drug discovery differently.


We are currently advancing rapid-development programs to treat seven rare diseases, four backed by venture philanthropists. 


Our combined resources with best-in-class partners and collaborators drive research with meaningful impact. 

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