How can I financially support a project?​

We are passionate about discovering new treatments for rare genetic diseases, and we understand that not all patients will be able to fully fund their drug discovery project. We have a broad network of resources that can support you when trying to raise funds for your project. Contact us to learn more.

Here are some informative resources from Global Genes: Finding a Fundraising StrategyTips for FundraisingAdvocate for your causeBecoming and Empowered patient

How much does a project cost?​

Research is pricy! And so are drug discovery projects! However, we try to minimize the financial risk by segmenting the costs with multiple milestones. In the first phase, we typically generate, characterize, then perform the initial drug screening on worms. This process usually costs between $120,000 and $150,000 CAD. If we get any promising data from this phase, we will budget the next steps that are highly variable for each project. Our patient partners help fund the up front costs of a project, and in return they own a percentage of the upside of any commercial deal that results from their successful clinical trial. 

What is venture philanthropy?​

We believe that patients who want to get involved in research by raising funds deserve to know where their money is going, how it is used and how to recoup on this investment in the event of a successful trial. After all, they are the one initiating the project and investing in this venture!

So what’s hidden? Nothing. We want to work with patients as partners. They could be individuals, associations, foundations, for-profit or non-for-profit entities… Since you participate financially in the drug discovery project, you own a part of it! The percentage owned by the patient partner is proportional to the amount of money invested. Whatever this amount, you are 100% involved emotionally in your project!