Does every project result in a treatment?​

Although we do our best to de-risk the approach and maximize the chances of identifying a positive lead molecule, we cannot guarantee it. At Modelis, we place the quality of our science above all else, and sometimes the biology just doesn’t work.

How long does a project take to find a treatment?​

Previously, we have brought human clinical trials within 3 years. However, timing really depends of the project itself. We need to answer questions such as, which animal models should be used for your particular project? Are the animal models already available? Is there specific challenges associated with the project? We are usually able to complete the first phase (screening on worms) within 6 months. From there, it may require 12 more months to validate them in fish and 18 more months to confirm the results in mammals. Altogether, we believe that we can bring one lead molecule to enter clinical trial in less than 3 years.

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Once Modelis has identified a treatment, what’s next?

After identifying a promising molecule in our animal models, our main priority is to initiate a clinical trial to validate its effect in humans. Depending of the prevalence of the disease, we can initiate a very small (n-of-1) clinical trial or recruit patients more broadly.

Modelis’ has established partnerships with renowned clinicians with an extensive expertise in clinical trial design and development. If we confirm the therapeutic effect of the molecule, we establish a legal strategy to protect our discovery so we can approach larger biotech or pharmaceutical companies to sell them the rights to commercialize the treatment.

Our patient partners are involved all along this process and are a driving force in the clinical development. Our patient partners own part of the intellectual property of their treatment, which is why, they are also rewarded financially in the event of a commercial deal.