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Some Consider Your Case Too Rare To Be Profitable?

We Help You Find A Treatment

At Modelis, We Aim At Providing A State-Of-The-Art Solution To Help You Find A Cure

Developing a new drug can cost millions with no guarantee of success thus dampening the interest of the pharmaceutical industry toward so called “rare” diseases. We believe that no disease is rare enough not to be cured. Our innovative and unprejudiced approach maximizes discovery of new drugs and repurposes known molecules for rare diseases.

The Advantages Of Partnering With Us



There is no disease too rare for us. We devote all our efforts for the cause you support.



Taking advantage of simple animal models that cost up to 10x less than classical mammals, our drug discovery pipeline is time and money-efficient.



Modelis’ strategy has been successfully tested in the past and brought a therapeutic solution whereas the classical approach failed..

How Does It Work

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You contact us regarding a specific genetic disease

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We analyze the feasibility of the project in regard to the gene of interest and the available tools

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We develop a research plan and a drug discovery strategy that we validate with you

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We start our drug screen pipeline focusing on the cause you hold dear

Partner With Us To Develop New Cures