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Bring Success To Your Drug Discovery Projects

We Catalyze Your Efforts

At Modelis, We Aim At Providing A State-Of-The-Art Solution For Your Drug Discovery Projects

The complex nature of diseases makes them difficult to study and drug discovery projects are enormously expensive and time-consuming. Relying on reductive approaches and isolated mechanisms, classical drug discovery approaches are high risk with a low chance of breakthroughs. 

The Advantages Of Partnering With Us



Do you have proprietary compounds lying around unused? Have us repurpose them for you.


Low Risk

The Modelis approach minimizes risk while maximizing the chances of human applications.



Pharmaceutical research is fast-paced and ever-changing. Modelis keeps up with you on all your projects.

How Does It Work

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You contact us regarding a specific drug discovery project

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We analyze the feasibility of the project in regard to the gene of interest and the available tools

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We develop a research plan and a drug discovery strategy that we validate with you

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We start our drug screen pipeline in line with your project

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